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 Panel Shop

Panel Design
Control Panels are the heart of any control system. The panels we make are carefully engineered for each specific project, fully documented set of CAD or Visio drawings, and fabricate with the finest components, completely meets all applicable industry standards and codes.
    We provide:
  • Panel designing,
  • Full documentation,
  • Fabrication,
  • Installation.
We fabricate panels of all sizes and complexities, from small enclosures to complete control centers.


    All panels include a complete set of documentation:
  • CAD or Visio layout drawings,
  • Wiring schematics
  • Product data sheet and
  • Bill of materials,
which simplifies installation and the trouble shooting process.

We are UL Certified, union shop, highly skilled workforce with extensive experience in building custom and repetitive control panels.
  • All components are UL standard,
  • All components are national brand, top-of-the-line,
  • All wires and devices are labeled according to the drawings


We supply full documentation (panel manual) with each panel which simplify assembly, eliminate delays and extra cost. We offer professional installation, start-up, and support for panels and controls.

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