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At Control Contractors, Inc. (CCI), our primary focus is Customer Service and Support. We value our Customer's business and reward loyalties with lasting partnerships facilitating our Customers to maximize profitability. We achieve this through efficient services, thus lowering operating expenses and providing fixed costs, which are accurately forecasted for budgetary purposes.
Control Contractors, Inc. was established in 1997 by a team of partners, CCI started out installing direct digital controls (DDC) and pneumatic controls as contracted through the manufacturer's local branch offices and mechanical contractors in the Southern Nevada area.
"Controls are a major component and the heart of the system". Originally, controls were electric, and by today's standards, were quite primitive. Then coming the advent of pneumatic controls. With the introduction of electronic controls, the control systems were smaller, and more functional. Today, by using Direct Digital Controls, the systems are integrated, allowing each building management system to communicate with any other building management system within a system's structure. As through the power of BACnet, LonWorks, ModBus open protocol communications improve, they are replacing older systems, which are obsolete. These obsolete systems consume large amounts of energy. The four main direct benefits of Direct Digital Controls are 1) Improved effectiveness; 2) Improved operation efficiency; 3) Increased energy efficiency; and 4) Distributed control.
CCI followed the evolution of DDC, greatly expanding the scope of the traditional building automation control market while displacing the traditional pneumatic control industry, bringing low costs, high functionality, and Open Integrated Systems rapidly to the market place. The next revolution to hit was Internet/Intranet and browser based presentation of everything, convergence fuelled the rapid evolution towards wireless interfaces and emailed alarms, exploration and increased understanding of the complete power of the newly inherited web environment.
Today, CCI's utilizing factory trained and certified personnel, are capable of maintaining intricate systems more efficiently. By proactively performing necessary inspections & preventative maintenance, we minimize system nuisances & downtime. Our services allow our customers to allocate more resources to their core businesses thereby increasing profitability.
We support our abilities in the installation of the above systems, relying on the expertise our key team members, who bring more than 100 years of combined experience to the job. We have individuals with experience in the following systems: Tridium, and Belimo. As mentioned previously at one time or another, Control Contractors, Inc. has installed most DDC systems that are present in the Southern Nevada area.
Technical Excellence + Experience = Efficiency

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